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The Myths We Love to Believe about the Brain and Some Startling New Information

Just how many of your beliefs about the brain are valid, and how many are myths? How would you know?  There is so much speculation and erroneous information in the media about the way the brain works, and how it processes information to enable us to learn, remember, think, feel and move, that it is often difficult to distinguish between myths and valid information about brain function. To differentiate myths from scientifically demonstrated principles, we will study some simple principles of brain organization and function, and some critical neurobiological and  behavioral experiments and observations.  Yes, I always use more than ten percent of my brain. Always.

Instructor Bio:

Phil Best is professor emeritus of Psychology at Miami University (OH) where he served as Department Chair and Director of the Neuroscience Center. He was Professor of Psychology at UVA and Director of the Neuroscience Graduate Program. He has studied brain mechanisms of learning and memory, and brain processing that enables us to know where we are in space.

Required Reading:

If you are uncomfortable with biological material, please look through some chapters on the brain in any introductory psychology or biology book,  and do a web search on the brain and brain myths. 

Recommended Reading:

Jarrett, Christian. Great Myths of the Brain, 2015. Also the Society for Neuroscience (sfn.org) provides much useful information.

Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Location Available
B303 Phil Best May 16, 23, 30 We 1:30-3:00 p.m. Homewood Suites WL

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