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Cosmology: The Origin and Evolution of Our Universe **DATE CHANGE** Dates differ from printed catalog. See correct dates listed here.

The course will introduce students to a modern understanding of the origin and evolution of our universe. Here are some of the questions we'll be exploring: What is the evidence that our universe began as a dense, hot, expanding fireballthe Big Bang? How did this expanding fireball ultimately turn into the billions of stars and galaxies we find all around us? What is the microwave background and how can it tell us about properties of the universe? How does an extraordinary mechanism, called "inflation," actually launch the universe's expansion and make everything out of nothing? Note: This course does not meet on Tuesday, May 1.

Instructor Bio:

Professor Mark Whittle has been on the faculty of the Astronomy Department at the University of Virginia since 1986. His research focuses on the central regions of galaxies in which giant black holes devour stars and gas spews out huge amounts of energy. He has a strong interest in public outreach, having produced a course for the Teaching Company ("Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe").

Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Location Available
B200 Mark Whittle Apr 24, May 8, 15, 22 Tu 10:00-11:30 a.m. McCormick Observatory WL

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