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Innovative Stormwater Management at a Historic University - UVA

Five different stops on the UVA campus, including The Dell, Garrett Hall Green Roof, Cabell Hall Biofilter, Rouse Robertson Green Roof, and the Historic Rotunda, will illustrate how stormwater runoff can be successfully managed in an urban setting. Learn how parks and wildlife habitats benefit the environment and help to educate the community. Discover the benefits of a stream daylighting and restoration project, a wet pond with forebay, and the surrounding restored riparian habitat and biofilters that all work together to mitigate the surrounding stormwater runoff issues. Marvel at the benefits that a green roof, incorporating vegetation, can provide and how practical solutions like permeable pavement can provide cost effective environmental solutions while preserving the beauty and aesthetics of the University.
Note: This is a walking tour that will take approximately 2.5 hours, dependent on attendees' interest and walking pace. The tour will meet at the Dell overlook on the Emmet St. side. Participants can park across the street in the Central Grounds Parking Garage at 400 Emmet St. South.

Instructor Bio:

For the past thirty-eight years, Mr. Sitler has been employed as an environmental scientist/hydrogeologist and UVA faculty member. He directs the Environmental Resources Group and provides environmental expertise to solve environmental problems such as stormwater management throughout the University’s holdings.

Required Reading:

Walking shoes and outdoor clothing as needed for inclement weather. The total time will be 2.5 hours, dependent on attendees' interest and walking pace.

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Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Location Available
B211 Jeffrey Sitler May 29 Tu 2:30-5:00 p.m. The Dell (UVA) A

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