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The Strange New World of Virginias First Women and Children (1609-1652)

Nearly a hundred women and children sailed for Jamestown, Virginia, in 1609. They first encountered a hurricane at sea and loss of their flagship with all the leaders and many husbands aboard. Immediately, these women were thrust into Jamestown's "starving time." The long-term survivors endured Indian wars, malaria and contagion, childbirth on the Virginia frontier, martial law and piracy, massacre, a Spanish threatand even a menacing comet. Life in early 17th century Virginia was nothing as they'd imagined. The colonists' true story is one of courage and a will to survive, despite overwhelming odds against them.

Instructor Bio:

Connie Lapallo is the author of the Jamestown Sky series, a trilogy based on Jamestown's first women and children. She's told their story more than 500 times across 12 states. As a historian, she's published a paper on marriage and childbirth in early Virginia and is a volunteer historian with the Chesapeake Conservancy.

Recommended Reading:

We'll be discussing the history behind this trilogy. These are historically accurate historical novels. Reading any or all may enrich your experience but is not required to understand the material.
Lapallo, Connie. Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky (1592-1611), 2012. Lapallo, Connie. When the Moon Has No More Silver (1610-1620), 2011. Lapallo, Connie. The Sun Is But a Morning Star (1621-1652), 2017.

Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Location Available
B401 Connie Lapallo Apr 5, 12 Th 10:00-11:30 a.m. Darden School of Business (UVA) A

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