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Can Red + Blue = Purple? (Charlottesville)

The United States is a nation of nations. Since the founding of this country, we have endured political and social divisions that relate to a panoply of academic disciplines. These issues are deep, wide, complex, and inscrutable. Starting prior to the National Elections of 2016, political scientists, psychologists, sociologists, historians and practitioners of many other academic disciplines have attempted to research and understand the causes of this divisiveness and divide. While partisan politics are nothing new in the United States, the intensity, the meanness, and the related hatred are more obvious that any time in the political history of the United States. The available research about this topic is limited. We know the questions, but still search for the answers.
This presentation will be about the process of bringing the country and our citizens back to the idea that it is perfectly fine to disagree, but it is not acceptable to be disagreeable in the process. Together with all presentation participants, we will seek solutions and ideas as to now to turn the country purple.

Instructor Bio:

Dan Lynn and Len Doran have taught college level classes in American Government, International Relations, Politics 101, campaigns and elections and other related courses. Both are political pundits, activists and volunteers in campaigns and elections. Mr. Lynn holds degrees in political science and Mr. Doran holds degrees in political science, teaching and higher education administration. Both are veterans of military service.

Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Location Available
L14 Len Doran September 22 Fr 1:30-3:00 pm Unity of Charlottesville NA

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