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Anastasia: Enchanted Princess of a Lost Dynasty

OLLI’s Michie Tavern Winter Session has drawn large audiences and rave reviews. Now OLLI at U.Va.continues its Michie Tavern partnership by offering another special Summer Session lecture-and-wine series! Join us as we learn, sip, and socialize in one of Central Virginia’s most beautiful historic settings.
The 2017 OLLI Summer Session at Michie Tavern features a series of three talks—cumulatively titled “Enchanted, Empowered, & Enslaved”—presented by award-winning local historian Rick Britton on Thursdays August 24, 31, and Sept. 7.
It’s often said that “central Virginia history is indeed American history,” and this trio of ladies certainly proves the point—they’re well-known all across the United States. During the twentieth century, few life stories captured more attention than did Anastasia’s. This local resident, portrayed on the silver screen by Ingrid Bergman, had answers to all of the world’s most burning questions. How had she escaped the Bolshevik firing squad, and how had she escaped civil war torn Russia?
By contrast, Dolley Madison—our nation’s first First Lady—was everything she appeared to be; well educated, extremely caring and gracious, and extremely devoted to her husband, the principal framer of the U.S. Constitution James Madison. But was her life always so perfect?
During Thomas Jefferson’s first term as president, one Richmond newspaper piece stunned the nation. The story said that Sally Hemings, an enslaved African American, was Jefferson’s “concubine,” and that he had fathered a number of her children. His descendants, and, over the years, many prominent Jefferson historians, denied that any such relationship had existed. A 1998 DNA study, however, found a link between the Hemings and Jefferson families. What are the facts of this fascinating story? How have certain aspects been exaggerated?
Join us as we learn about Anastasia, Dolley Madison, and Sally Hemings, three central Virginia women!
    • Aug. 24 – Anastasia: Enchanted Princess of a Lost Dynasty
    • Aug. 31 – Dolley Madison: Empowered First Lady of the Early Republic
    • Sept. 7 – Sally Hemings: Enslaved Mistress to the Sage of Monticello
The events begin at 4 p.m. with a half-hour meet and greet featuring wine and cheese and a book-signing. At 4:20 we’ll announce “last call for wine.” Lectures begin at 4:30. A question-and-answer period follows until 5:30. The $17.00 fee for each event includes the lecture, cheese, two glasses of wine, a book signing, and a complimentary ticket for a tour of historic Michie Tavern. Using OLLI’s online registration system or the form at the back of this catalog, sign up early to attend one, two, or all three presentations.
NOTE: You must be an OLLI member for the fall 2017 semester to participate in this special Summer Session. The registration deadline is the Friday before each lecture; no refund requests will be accepted after that day.  

Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Cost Location Available
E11 Rick Britton Aug 24 Th 4:00 -5:30 p.m. $17.00 Michie Tavern WL

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