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The Myths We Love to Believe about the Brain and Some Startling New Information

There is so much information in the media about the ways that the brain affects our thoughts, feelings, and motives. It is often difficult to differentiate between legitimate statements and inaccurate speculations. We tend to accept some myths about the brain that are comfortable to us or because we have heard them so often. For example, do we use only 10 percent of our brain? We will discuss some of these myths, how they came about, and why we cling to them. We will also discuss some startling discoveries about brain function. The format will be informal lectures with discussion and questions encouraged.

Instructor Bio:

Phil Best is professor emeritus of psychology at Miami University (OH) and visiting scholar in psychology and Neuroscience at UVA. He served as the director of the Neuroscience Graduate Program at UVA. He has studied the way the brain processes information from our environment that enables us to know where we are in the world, and how to find our way.

Recommended Reading:

Jarrett, Christian. Great Myths of the Brain, 2015. Also a web search on “brain myths” will provide some related information.

Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Location Available
B18 Phil Best May 2, 9, 16, 23 Tu 1:30-3:00 p.m. Meadows Presbyterian Church WL

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