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General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb --Member-Benefit Course !! (if you are a paid member during this semester, tuition is free, but you must register)

The presentations will be based on the book which provides the first full-length narrative of General Marshall’s crucial role in the decade-long development of nuclear weapons, which included both the Manhattan Project and the use of the atomic bomb on Japan. We will explore a cohesive account of Marshall’s involvement with nuclear weapons as Army chief of staff, secretary of state, and secretary of defense. Marshall is unique in that he was the only senior-level official who participated in or witnessed all of the major decisions in the first decade of the nuclear age. At the beginning of the Cold War, Marshall was one of the architects of the national security state.
Note: This course meets just two times, on Tuesday, April 11 and Thursday, April 13 from 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Instructor Bio:

Dr. Settle, professor emeritus of chemistry, Washington and Lee University, also taught at the Virginia Military Institute. Before coming to W&L in 1998 he was a visiting professor at the US Air Force Academy, a consultant to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and a program officer at the National Science Foundation. Dr. Settle developed and taught interdisciplinary courses on nuclear history, weapons of mass destruction, and nuclear power at VMI, The US Air Force Academy, and Washington and Lee University. He currently directs the ALSOS Digital Library for Nuclear Issues (http://wlu.edu) at  Washington and Lee. The library is a vetted, indexed collection of annotations for a broad range of materials on nuclear related topics.

Recommended Reading:

Settle, Frank A. General George C. Marshall and the Atomic Bomb, 2016.

Course Number Instructor Dates Day Time Location Available
E20 Frank Settle Apr 11 & 13 Tu 1:00-2:30 p.m. Unity of Charlottesville WL

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